Kid’s Thanksgiving Day Table

I hope you are having a happy, happy Fri-Yay!!!  Can you even believe we are less than a week away from Thanksgiving!?  So hard to believe for me!  I am super excited about a week of no rushing, snuggles, hugs and lots of lovin’, Christmas movies, family time around a puzzle, pjs most of the day, baking, spending time with friends I haven’t seen in forever and just slowing down!  We have so much to be thankful for and I want to make sure I enjoy all the little things that can so easily and often be taken for granted.  I’m often reminded of the saying, Thank you Lord for blessing me far more than I deserve!  Isn’t that the truth!?

One thing that I like to do for Thanksgiving is get tables ready ahead of time.  This helps you not feel rushed and is just one less thing to worry about the night before or the day of.  I already have our dining room set except for the fresh greenery I plan to add.  I obviously don’t want to do that yet.  When I get everything in place, I will post pictures on Instagram.

I thought I would show y’all some ideas for a kid’s table.  For the decorations, I just used what I had.  My Happy Everything platter is something we have reeeeally, reeeeally enjoyed over the years.  If you aren’t familiar with Coton Colors, you need to google it ASAP and add to your Christmas list.  Haha!  The turkey is an attachment and you can change it out for the season.  They have lots of choices and I use mine all the time.  Then I just grabbed children’s books about Thanksgiving we had and remember those turkey rice krispies we talked about on Wednesday!?  I just threw those around on the table runner.  The paper plates came from Big Lots.  The cups I found at TJ Maxx.


If you didn’t read the blog yesterday, I wanted to let you know I will be on Instagram next week, but will not be writing actual blog posts, as I want to be sure to spend as much quality time with my family as possible while we are on Thanksgiving break.  I pray you all have the very BEST Thanksgiving!  I am praying for you everyday and am so thankful that some have reached out asking for me to pray for things specifically.  I love praying for my friends! I have lots of Christmas content and fun planned for us right around the corner!

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