Monkey Bread

Today I’m sharing my Monkey Bread, or as my kids like to call it, “Curious George” Bread.  Haha!  Curious George has been a favorite in our house for 6 years and so when I say monkey bread, they quickly correct me.  I thought it was pretty cute and probably one of those things that will stick around here.  I’m sure we will be calling it Curious George bread 20 years from now too, kind of like we call omelets “envelopes”. And I’m also sure if someone tries to correct them, the momma bear will come out! Haha

This is my mom’s favorite dessert and I was so disappointed that I totally forgot to add pecans to mine this time.  Seriously, what was I thinking!?  It is waaaay better with pecans.  My mom thinks every dessert is better with pecans and I’d totally agree with her on this one. Doesn’t it look delicious!?



There’s really not much to it because you are just cutting up canned biscuits and adding a few ingredients.  It really is easy.  I will add the recipe to the bottom in a PDF so you can print.  This would be an awesome and PRETTY breakfast on Thanksgiving or Christmas morning to go with a breakfast casserole and fruit.  It also makes a yummy dessert too, but it is much better if it’s eaten immediately.  I don’t recommend making it for a dessert ahead of time.  It’s just not the same.  It needs to be eaten warm and right out of the oven.


Have a wonderful day and I will see y’all on Fri-Yay!  I wanted to let y’all know that I am planning to take a break next week from blogging while my kids are out of school.  I typically try to get all my work done while they are in school so I am 100% present when they are home.  Since they are home all week, I would rather just take advantage of as much quality time with them as possible.  I will still be on Instagram and posting pictures of ideas and my Thanksgiving table so definitely follow me there, but will just not be writing blog posts for the week.  I greatly appreciate you guys following along and being so supportive.  I will be back in full gear the week after Thanksgiving with lots of Christmas cheer coming your way!

Monkey Bread recipe

2 thoughts on “Monkey Bread

  1. Thanks for reminding me of a childhood favourite that needs to be revived this Christmas! I love that your children call it Curious George bread. I still have my Curious George from when I was a kid!


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