Turkey Crafts

We had a great Monday just relaxing and being together and I soooo enjoyed not rushing out the door for school, but this momma about went half crazy with the rain.  I mean, a 5 and 6 year old needs to be able to exert some energy and run in the backyard a bit.  Know what I mean!?  Lol!  Soooo, we worked on our Christmas puzzle, watched a Christmas movie, didn’t get out of our pjs until lunch time (a late lunch at that), entertained ourselves with boxes, grabbed lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant just to get out of the house for a bit and made a couple Fall crafts.  It really was fun and I definitely enjoyed it, but could have enjoyed myself a liiiiitle bit more if my kids could have gone outside a few times to run and play on the trampoline.  hahaha!

I thought I would share our crafts in case any of you would like to do them during your Thanksgiving break with your babies.  This took almost an hour of our morning.  I really had planned to just do one and save the other for the afternoon, but they loved doing it and wanted to keep going, so we did!IMG_1047IMG_1045

First we started with the turkey.  This was definitely the one that took the longest because I made them trace their hands and then cut out themselves.  Very time consuming. (wink, wink) I cut the two circles for the body out for them, gave them wiggly eyes (could easily just let them draw them if you don’t have wiggly eyes), allowed them to pick their hand/feather paper and told them happy glueing and cutting.  For the legs, I cut strips of orange and showed them how to fold forward and backward.  I think they turned out super cute!


Next, we made a scarecrow with a paper bag.  I drew the hat, bows, eyes and nose and had them cut out.  I gave them yellow paper and had them start glueing the hair on first before adding hat and face.  I just loved the scarecrow.


See you tomorrow for Whip It Up Wednesday!

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