S’more Memories

I pray you all had a wonderful weekend!  We had a great weekend that started with a lazy and relaxing Friday night at home.  It is something I grow to love more and more the older I get.  There’s just something about snuggling up with the ones you love most and doing a whole bunch of nothing after a busy week. We often order pizza on Fridays, but we decided it needed to be a S’mores night on the patio and since we would be outside anyways, daddy decided he wanted to grill hamburgers and hotdogs.  I even pulled out the fancy paper plates for this one.  It was fabulous, y’all!

My kids literally squealed when I told them that morning that our Friday night game plan would be making s’mores on the patio, grilling out and watching Home Alone.  The teacher putting my daughter in the car that afternoon told me how Anna Lee told her all about our plans for that night.  It made this momma happy to know they were that excited in anticipation for the night!

IMG_0863IMG_0880IMG_0882The prep time for this was near nothing.  I threw leftover Halloween candy, along with Hershey bars in my tiered stand with the graham crackers and marshmallows.  The roasting forks I bought at Walmart years ago.  I try keeping apple cider in my refrigerator during the holidays, so I warmed some of that up and we had that as well.  It was a perfect evening and the fire felt amazing since Mr. Weather decided to go from Fall to Winter really fast.


It was such a FUN night with very little effort on my part.  Just be intentional in your planning, add your s’mores ingredients to your grocery list and ENJOY the little things like S’more Laughs, S’more Hugs, S’more Kisses, S’more Time Together and S’more Memories with your sweet family!

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