Pecan Pies

If you aren’t a fan of pecan pies, I don’t know if we can be friends! LOL! I’m just kidding of course, but it may be one of my top three favorite desserts, especially in a mini version.  Haha!  I have always loved pecan pie and of course had them growing up, but never made them or had mini ones until I met my husband.  My mother in law has always made the best ones and it really is a family favorite.  Any time she brings them to family functions, they are one of the first things to disappear.  And I learned quickly that if I wanted one after my meal, I better grab it BEFORE my meal or they would be gone.  I may have learned the hard way once, but it only took one time before I learned their ways.  Bahahaha!  Seriously, they go at lightning speed anytime they are made.


My mother in law’s recipe comes straight off the back of the Karo syrup bottle (see pic below).  It is a very traditional one and I always tend to lean more towards a traditional recipe.  It seems that when you start adding things to a recipe that is already proven good, it can be a bit disappointing in my opinion.  Maybe it’s just because that’s the way it’s always been and new additions can seem foreign?  haha!  I don’t know, but the only thing I have ever considered adding to this recipe were chocolate chips.  Once again, for me, I prefer just plain pecan pie, but if you are a huge chocolate lover, you may enjoy some in yours.


The mini pie shells you can find at most grocery stores.  I often buy them either at Publix or Walmart.  I  am able to make 22-24 pies per recipe.  I love to make these near Christmas time and deliver to neighbors.


Have the best day!  Hugs to you!!!

2 thoughts on “Pecan Pies

    1. I put the 22-24 pies on 2 pans and bake together, typically around 30min bake time, but ovens may vary. I follow that recipe exactly on the back of Karo syrup but I do know that is for a big pie and the baking time is shorter for the little ones. You will know when they are done because the crust will be golden. Enjoy!


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