Turkey Table Runner

It is looking like Fall in our area and it thrills my soul!  The trees are starting to turn prettier and prettier and my back yard is currently covered with leaves.  I am still in shock we are in November.  I just adore this time of year!  We pulled out one of many Christmas trees yesterday.  My son made us promise not to do it until he got home from school.  Haha!  I was putting him to bed on Halloween night and he said, “Mommy, tomorrow is the start of Christmas for us.”  I said, “you got that right, sweet boy!”  The next 2 months are truly our favorite and as much fun we did have from time to time the month of October, Thanksgiving and Christmas is really what we prefer to celebrate around here!

We have just been fluffing our tree up, since that can kind of take a while and will start decorating it probably tomorrow.  And then when our main one in the den gets all finished, we will slowly start pulling out another and then another until all 6 are up.  I’m still trying to convince my husband we need one more down in the basement for movie nights, but that hasn’t happened yet.  I did convince him to put lights up on our roof line this year and the kids and I are STOKED!  They are suppose to come do that really soon, like maybe even today.  Ha!  We shall see.  But yes, we have Christmas trees with our turkeys and pumpkins all gathered together this month.  And then after Thanksgiving, all the other Christmas comes out!  We just decorate sooooo much in our home and enjoy it waaaay too much to only have it for a month.  We need to bask in the season a little longer around here and if you’re wondering…. NO, we do not grow tired of it.  Lol!

Any whooo… I’m sharing my turkey table runner I started in 2015.  I had this idea that it would be sweet to collect my lil turkey’s hand prints over the years and fill this runner up.  I currently have it on my table and have ever since I pulled out my Fall stuff.  I really love it.  We haven’t done our handprints for this year, but I’m going to try and get that done this weekend.



As you can see, I just use one hand for each child and then just write the year under it.  I love seeing it every time we gather around the table.


Have the best weekend!   See y’all next week with lots of yumminess and holiday fun heading your way!  Hugs to each of you!

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