Halloween Cake

I am completely shocked that tomorrow is Halloween!  Like can’t believe it!!  We have a full day planned with school parties, school costume parade, trick-or-treating at the nursing home and our neighborhood, and dinner with family. Whew!  It will be a full day, but I know it will be so much fun and memories will be made which always makes my heart so full and happy.

Today I am sharing a candy cake that I made last year for the first time and I made this one yesterday and have just put it in the refrigerator for Halloween night.  This will be my Whip It Up Wednesday a day earlier in hopes that if you want to make it, you will have time to run and grab a few ingredients.  It really is easy.


It’s nothing but a devil’s food cake box mix and Pillsbury orange icing.  I just followed the directions on the box for the cake, making the layers and then iced with the store-bought icing.  You will need 2 containers of the icing.  Top with whatever suckers and candy you would like to decorate.  There’s no right or wrong way to do it and you simply can’t mess this up.  Suuuuper fun and easy!  I think this will be one of those traditions I try to continue every year!

Happy (almost) Halloween!  Have the best day!

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