Pumpkin Stand

Happy Thursday!  This week is flying!  And so is this month!!!  Soooo hard to believe we are one week away from November 1.  Whoah!  My goal for the next two months is to slooooow down and try to soak up as much of the rest of this year as possible.  I love all the “things” and events the holidays can bring, but I find the more places I have to be, the quicker the time goes and I keep telling myself it’s okay to say NO sometimes.  And there may even be things that sound super fun, but sometimes I need to pick and choose and be “ok” with saying no.  Y’all say a prayer for me because I want to say YES to everything holiday related.  Lol!

Today I am sharing an idea I had for Halloween night or really any day until then.  I had my husband make this lemonade stand for my daughter’s birthday over the summer and had the idea to make it a pumpkin stand and serve orange Kool-Aid for a local charity or you could even serve your neighbors and trick or treaters hot cocoa or apple cider on Halloween night.  Just one of those crazy ideas that hit me sometimes.  Haha!  My mind never stops.  I can’t even sit and watch a tv show without doing something else and feel like I’m multitasking.  Lol.  Send help!


Y’all have the best day!!!  Text someone you haven’t seen in a while and ask if they want to meet you at Cracker Barrel for breakfast soon.  Make their day! Hugs.

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