Neighbor Cupcake Kit

Hi friends!  I’m so happy you are here.  Doesn’t this Fall and holiday weather just put a little pep in your step!?  It just makes me a bit giddy to be honest.  A few neighbors on my street have been putting up lights on their homes already and I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear and beg my hubby to do the same.  He didn’t oblige, but I’ll keep workin’ it! hahahaha

Soooo, how fun is this cupcake kit!?  Wouldn’t it be a blast to drop that off on a porch somewhere and bless a family with memories of baking cupcakes together!?  Whether they like to bake or not, everybody can throw a Pillsbury cake mix in the mixer with some eggs, oil, and water.  Heeelloo!  Super easy!  And I don’t know a kid that doesn’t enjoy icing a cupcake and then adding sprinkles!!!  And then of course consuming maybe like 3 or 4 before calling it a night. Lol!


I made this tag and am adding to the bottom for you to print if you’d like.  If y’all remember, I picked up Crush soda bottles and surprised my kids with them last week for movie night.  They don’t get soda but on special occasions, so that was a treat for them!  I thought that orange carrier would be perfect for the cupcake kit.  I added the Pillsbury cake mix to the back and the icing and baking cups to the front.  Voila!  It’s as simple as that!


Enjoy your day!  Soak up the little things like cupcakes and sprinkles!  Hugs!

Cupcake Kit Tag

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