Happy Fri-Yay: Fall Chex Mix

Are you so happy it’s Fri-Yay!?  I know I am!  Love me some lazy weekends!  We handed goodies out to our school office staff with a Fall chex mix last week and are blessing our bus driver and cross walk officer today!  I just think it is so much fun making little goodies and surprising someone.

I made it suuuuper easy!  I was planning to make my own chex mix, but just ran out of time so I just bought everything.


I got a big bowl and threw in chex mix, M&Ms, and candy corn and gave it a toss.  It’s as simple as that!  Then I found these little eyes at The Dollar Tree and hid one in each.  How fun is that!?  I had extra tags from last year and just used those, but you can always use the pumpkin tags I added to a post a couple weeks ago.


Have a blessed weekend, my friends!  Praying for you everyday!  Soak up the little things and make it a weekend to remember! Hugs.

8 thoughts on “Happy Fri-Yay: Fall Chex Mix

  1. I love all your ideas. Made us pumpkin basket you posted earlier for a family going through several issues. I might make this one for our mail carrier.


  2. Such a simple and cute idea! My kids would love putting these together and handing them out! Where did you find the treat cups?


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