Pumpkin Flower Arrangment

I thought I would share today how I took grocery store flowers and a pumpkin and made them into this pretty arrangement!  It was something I always admired in magazines for years and just thought it would be really hard.  I finally gave it a try a couple years ago and was surprised how easy it really was.

It’s nothing more that cutting a top in a pumpkin and hollowing it out, just like you would if you were carving a pumpkin.  Make sure you get as much of the inside and seeds out as possible.  Then take a vase (you could use a mason jar) and put it inside with an arrangement.  Y’all!  So easy!


This would be a gorgeous arrangement for a Thanksgiving table!  And if you have several pumpkins already on your front porch, just get one of those to use and don’t buy another one.  You are probably going to be getting rid of your pumpkins shortly after Thanksgiving anyways, so all you would need to purchase are a few flowers.


Have the best Thursday!

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