Tabletop Tuesday

It’s a random Tabletop Tuesday today!  I found this old tool box at an antique store this summer and couldn’t wait to use it for my Fall centerpiece at my kitchen table.  I just filled it with moss and fake pumpkins.



The dinner and salad plates are from Pottery Barn. The napkins are Pioneer Woman napkins from Walmart.  I loved the colors of them for Fall.  The pumpkin candles I found at Homegoods.  I always love lighting candles at a table.  Candles just make a beautiful ambience, so I love adding them to tables often.


I hope this encourages you to set a special table for your family soon.  Just do a little something extra, but use what you have already.  Do you have pumpkins on your front porch or anywhere in your home? Pull them for a table setting and after your special dinner is over, you can always put them back.  They can be your centerpiece and add to that!  Do you have a basket of mums somewhere?  That could be a centerpiece, as well.  There is usually things you already have that you can add to when creating a table.  You do not have to go spend a lot of money.

I will say, I encourage you to invest in some good chargers and cloth napkins eventually.  Maybe even get a basic set of white plates or a neutral color if you don’t already have and you can always grab salad plates for the center when you see some you love.  They are typically very reasonable.  When mom, hubby, or grandma ask you what you want for Christmas this year, here’s your idea! hahaha!!  You will use them allllll the time and have them forever!  You can’t really ruin them and I think all these are good investments if you enjoy entertaining or just want to do the little special nights occasionally for your family.  I buy them just wherever I see them.  The napkins in this picture came from Walmart, but I often pick them up from Homegoods, TJ Maxx, Sur La Table, or Pier One.  Same with chargers and even salad plates.

See you tomorrow for Whip It Up Wednesday!  Praying for YOU!



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