Pumpkin Buckets

Happy Monday, sweet friends! I pray your weekend was FULL of memories and all the little things!  We had friends in town from Missouri and so we entertained, went to a football game on Saturday and our typically Fall Sunday of church and then baseball.  It was wonderful, but I’m always wishing for more time.  Aren’t you!? I love the slower mornings and days of our weekends, but we are blessed and I’m also thankful for another Monday and week the Lord has given me.

Today I’m sharing how I took one of those $1 pumpkin buckets from the dollar store and made it a little cuter in my opinion.  All you do is remove the plastic handle and replace with ribbon!  It’s as simple as that!  Isn’t that $1 bucket the cutest!!?   Tie knots on either side to hold the ribbon in place and then just make a couple bows to add to the sides.

These two are actually pictures from last year.

IMG_8845I took this bucket to a neighbor that had just moved in her new home with dinner. The bucket was filled with coffee pods, a pumpkin candle, and a pumpkin book for her toddler.  And then the bucket was perfect for her toddler to use for Halloween.

IMG_8846And these two buckets I sent to teachers with their favorite drink, candy and pumpkin bread.  I figured they would find a good use for the buckets in their classroom.  As you can see, I added lots more toile and ribbon to these handles.  You just tie knots is all.  Super simple!  These would be perfect “Boo” buckets if you live in a neighborhood that does this. You can also just add a couple surprises from the dollar store in your buckets for a little surprise for your kids one morning at breakfast or an after-school surprise.

Here are a few I did these year. You can stay really simple with the bows or make them a little more elaborate.  Either are adorable!


Have a wonderful Monday, friends!  I will see you tomorrow for another Tabletop Tuesday!




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