Pumpkin Suckers

Happy  Fri-Yay!  I don’t know about y’all, but this week flew by for us.  It has been a great, but busy week.  I always love a weekend though, so I’m happy Friday is here!  Today I am sharing a little treat that is festive, fun and better yet, sooo easy and quick to throw together.

I took Dum-Dum suckers and wrapped them in cotton candy to resemble pumpkins. The cotton candy I found at TJ Maxx, but I have also seen some recently at the Dollar Store.


I then just bagged them up in clear bags and ribbon that I always keep on hand.  I get all my bags and ribbon at Hobby Lobby when they are on sale.  I’m volunteering in my son’s classroom today and I plan to take the kids a little surprise.  This took no time at all and would be so easy for you to throw together this weekend with your lil ones.  We may even do it again for the baseball team.


Aren’t they the cuuutest!!!?  Soooo easy, y’all!  Go grab your goodies today!  If you do it anytime soon, will you tag me in it!?  Have the best weekend, slow down, and soak up all the little things!

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