Fun Fall Snacks

Today I am sharing how I took ordinary snacks and amped them up extra special using nothing but a marker, pipe cleaners, construction paper and orange party streamer.


Here are tangerines, fruit cups, Gatorades, squeezable apple sauce, and those grab-it snack cups.  Aren’t they cute and took hardly no time at all.  In fact, I did it one night while watching my DVR of This Is Us.  Who else loves that show!?  I plan to throw these in lunches and for last minute snacks we grab on the go. And wouldn’t these be fun for your child to take an extra, maybe to the ball field or dance (for us) and bless another child!?  Doesn’t that sound like so much fun!?  Super simple and I hope it makes my kids and possibly other kids grin from ear to ear.


And adding a little personal message makes it even more special.


I know y’all get tired of hearing me say it, but it is sooooo true.  It’s the little things, my friends.  And I think alllll these little things add up to big things and will be the memories our babies think of forever.  Hugs and prayers for you.  Have the best day!



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