A Holiday Tradition

Happy Fri-Yay!!!  How exciting!  I just love the weekends with my little family, so I’m always a little extra smiley on Fridays!  I thought I would share a little tradition we like to do around here starting typically around October and that is puzzles.   Now, my kids love puzzles and we have a TON of kid’s puzzles that they are constantly pulling out, but I’m talking 500-1500 piece puzzles. This is a picture from just this week.  They are working on a puzzle of our governor’s mansion.  I don’t know why we don’t do them in the spring and summer.  I guess it’s a little like eating soup and banana bread.  Haha!


Last year was really our first year to pull out the big ones, but it was such a big hit that I know we will do it every year!  It was a family affair during the holiday and winter months.  I remember my husband and I would brew some coffee, make apple cider or I’d make some hot chocolate for the kids and we would just sit around the table working on it for an hour, sometimes two at a time.  The kids would come in from school and immediately want to start working on it.  It was just one of those things that brought us around the table together, no tv and we would just have great conversations while working on them.  And then at Christmas time we would turn on Christmas carols, have candles lit and a fire in the fireplace.  I’m getting soooo excited just thinking about it!  This was from last year.


I think I got all of ours last year at Hobby Lobby.  They have a great selection of seasonal ones.  I encourage you to grab one soon if you think it is something your family would enjoy.  It sure does make some sweet family time!  Have the best weekend with your family and remember to soak up all the little things!

2 thoughts on “A Holiday Tradition

  1. I absolutely love this!!!! What do you do with the puzzles when your finished?? I am totally going to do this idea. I love it!!


    1. We just boxed them up after looking at them for a few days and started another one. I just added them to our Christmas storage boxes and will pull out each year. So fun!! You will love it!


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