Whip It Up Wednesday: Banana Nut Bread

YAY for WHIP IT UP WEDNESDAY!  I’m not gonna lie… it may be my favorite blogging day of the week because I LOVE to be in the kitchen cooking and baking!  It just makes my heart happy, especially when I can gather my family around a table to laugh, interact, make memories and fill our bellies with something yummy!  And I LOVE it even more when my kids really enjoy something I make and they beg me to make it.  I envision them heading off to college one day and me hanging that favorite meal over their head.  “I’ll make _______ if you promise to come home!”  And then I want to be that mom that their friends are like, “I’m going to your house because I know your mom will make us something good!”  COME ON OVER!  MOMMA IS READY FOR YA! Hahahaha!

Okay, so on to making banana nut bread.  This is a recipe that one of my dad’s employees would make and bring to work and everyone raved about it.  In fact, she would make for some of her customers to give out when they came in to see her.  I always loved that!  She was being a blessing and I love that she wanted to share her yumminess with others. They would be perfect to make mini loaves and send to neighbors, teachers, family or friends. I am adding the recipe in a PDF below for you to print.  It is a very simple, basic recipe.  I have tried others with toffee bits, caramel and other ingredients, but I honestly just prefer a simple recipe.  My family prefers pecans, but a lot of people prefer walnuts instead to this bread and I think that would be good too.


And for some reason, when I think of banana nut bread, I think of Fall.  It’s kind of like soup to me.  Although, I eat warm foods all year long, I just never make soup during Spring and Summer.  Same is true for banana nut bread in our house.  I love it in the Fall!   I hope you enjoy and if you make it, please tag me!  It would make my day!


Enjoy your day, Friends!  Find the little things to enjoy!  I currently see leaves falling outside my window as I’m typing, even though it’s still warm.  That, my friends, is something that is bringing a smile to my face!  Love you all!  Let me know if there is something I can be praying with you about!

Banana Nut Bread

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