Tailgate Fri-Yay

Happy Fri-Yay!  Who’s excited for the weekend besides me!?  We always love the weekends because there’s just more family time and opportunities to relax, snuggle, and just take it easy.  No hurrying out the door for school and momma can enjoy my recliner with my pumpkin spice for a bit longer in the mornings and that always makes me one happy girl! Who’s with me!?

We are still footballin’ it hard around here!  I know there’s not only college, but highschool team families that tailgate around here and so I thought I’d share how I decked our car out recently!


It was actually fairly easy and a whole lot of fun!  The only thing I prepared were the burgers.  Just wrap those babies in aluminum foil to transfer.  It keeps them fresh and warm.  Take your cold condiments like your lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles in a plastic container and store in your cooler with drinks and off you go!


I just bought bags of chips and store bought cookies.  I mean, it’s hard to beat those cake cookies.  Gosh, they are so good!  They are in most grocery store bakeries.  These came from Walmart.  Easy Peasy!



Have the BEST weekend with your family and friends and take time to enjoy the little things!

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