After School Treat


I love surprising my kids with little things here and there and it usually includes some kind of food.  Haha!  Well this day is no different, but I also had been saving those little $1 sticker/activity books that you may remember me picking up at Target if you watched my Target Run IGTV video.  I spent all of $2 and it brought the biggest smiles to their faces, which in return brought a big smile to mine!  It was just a little “happy” I like to call it after not seeing them all day and they loved it!


For the snack, I just sliced apples and put on cake pop sticks and then filled a muffin tin with goodies I already had in the pantry.  Something as simple as a muffin tin filled with toppings made this snack sooo fun for the kids.  I had originally just planned to use a regular muffin tin and went to grab it and had forgotten I had this heart one, but a regular one would be perfect too!


The caramel cups are just the ones you typically find next to the apples in the produce section.  This was a big hit and I will definitely be doing it again!

Have a great day enjoying allll the little things!

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