Whip It Up Wednesday: My Family’s Favorite Crock Pot Meal

So many of you have said that crock pot recipes would help you, so I will try to scatter those in from time to time.  I tend to use my crock pot more often in the Fall and Winter.  Don’t you!?  Today, I am sharing our very favorite one!!  Now, it is one you may use as well, but I like to put a little different “spin” on it that just sends it over the top in our opinion.


It is chicken tacos!  It’s kid approved!  Who doesn’t love tacos!?  I just throw a couple frozen, boneless chicken breasts in the pot.  We are a family of 4 and this is plenty, but you may need more depending on your family’s size.  I throw our favorite jar of salsa or possibly the one that was BOGO that week with a little taco seasoning and that’s it!!  I usually put on low for 8 hours.  Then maybe an hour before serving, I fork shred my chicken and toss in the salsa.  Serve on corn or flour tortillas.

Now this is what makes them extra yummy in our opinion.  I buy this bag of sweet peppers at Costco.  See picture below.  I often use for salads, slaws and kids lunches, but we LOVE roasting them for our tacos!  Now, you can throw them in the crock pot with your chicken, but in our opinion there is waaay better flavor if you just throw on a baking pan with some sliced onion, toss with a little olive oil and seasonings and roast at 400 for 15-20 minutes.   I have been using a jalapeño seasoning, but you could use a little taco seasoning, seasoning salt, or just salt and pepper.  Then we garnish our tacos with your normal taco toppings such as cheese, lettuce (we usually use raw spinach instead), tomatoes, cilantro.  I often do not keep sour cream, so we will sometimes squirt a little ranch dressing on our tacos and this is really yummy too.  The kids love it!  I serve with a salad, black beans or sometimes nothing at all!  haha!  There are no complaints in my house when this is on the weekly menu!

Let me know if you try it!  Have a great day celebrating the little things!


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