Breakfast Station

I always love decorating a kids table!  While decorating for Fall recently, I had an idea of setting up a breakfast station on their table and it has been a HUGE success!  Not only does it help me, but it was something different! Sometimes just changing things up from the “norm” brings big smiles!  It’s the little things, y’all!  Haha!


Now, some days I may cook them something such as eggs, oatmeal, waffles, but on the days we are runnin’ and gunnin’, this has been perfect!  And since it is in this tiered basket, it is so easy to move when I don’t want to use it that morning or I need to restock it.  I think a basket would work great too!  They love having the freedom to choose what they want sometimes rather than me deciding for them and I love how they can just help themselves.  I even put paper plates and napkins there, so when they are done, they can just put everything in the trash.  The only thing I do is get their milk.


This time I stocked with apples, bananas, apple sauce, pop tarts, muffins and a variety of granola bars.  I will try to add a different variety from time to time to keep it fun for them.


Let me hear from you if you try it! My hope is that it will help breakfast planning, as it has me and also be something fun and different that your children will enjoy.  Praying for you!  Please let me know if there is anything specific I can be praying and agreeing with you about!  Have the BEST day celebrating the little things!

4 thoughts on “Breakfast Station

  1. Such a cute way to start off breakfast, it is so cute & festive and it gets my gears turning on what I could do for my kids!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a great day!


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