Shrimp Boil

Our Saturday was filled with family, football, and LOTS of eatin’!  We started our day with our traditional sausage balls for breakfast, BBQ for lunch and we ended the day with a shrimp boil for dinner!  Can we say bring out the stretchy pants!!?  I had been wanting to do this all summer, but it has been sooooo hot and temperatures that simply wouldn’t allow it.  It’s still not as cool as I’d like, especially considering how I’m itching to put pumpkins on my porch, but was definitely more tolerable for an outdoor dinner night.  We turned football on outside and made a memory!


It was so fun to have something different for the menu!  And a shrimp boil is always so easy, laid back and sometimes does not even require plates and silverware, which makes for an easy clean-up! Yay!!  Annnnd all the mommas are like, sign me UP!  Not to mention, everything is thrown in one pot so there’s basically no dishes to clean.

These are really good with crab legs as well, but we just stuck with shrimp, sausage, corn, and potatoes.  Y’all!  So much goodness!  We served with cocktail sauce and lemon slices and called it a night.  YUM!  I used Old Bay Seasoning and just went with the recipe on the container.  Very Easy!


So, whip out your great big boiler that you rarely use and create a memory that your kids, family, and friends are sure to love!


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