Happy Fri-YAY

Oh happy, happy day!  It’s Fri-YAY!  Did you know that tomorrow is International Dot Day!?  I bet you don’t even know what that is unless you’re a teacher.  Haha!  I know I didn’t know until my son’s teacher reached out to me asking if I had any ideas.

International Dot Day started in 2009 and celebrates creativity!  It is based off of a children’s book called The Dot where a little girl is challenged by her teacher to “make her mark” on the world and embrace confidence.  So let’s embrace our talents, friends!  What is your talent?  We all have them!!  Let’s use our talents in a way that lifts others up, including ourselves!  How many know that when you embrace talents and use them to help others, you will actually help yourself as well!?

I thought it would be fun for the class to eat this fun treat after reading, discussing, and working on their dot activities.  It is nothing but a Rice Krispy treat recipe using Trix cereal.  Super simple and quick to make!


And how many of you watched my “Dollar Dash” video this week on Instagram TV!?  Remember those polka dot bags I found and I told y’all I had no idea when and how I would use them, but I knew that I would!  Well heeeellllooo!  It hit me when making this that they would make the perfect treat bag!  The Lord knew I needed those bags this week.  Lol!  It’s the little things, y’all!

I hope y’all have the BEST weekend with your friends and family and let’s all find joy in the little things, shall we!?  Maybe use your talent to build someone up this weekend!  Wouldn’t that be fun!?  Happy FRI-YAY!  Have the BEST day!

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