Whip It Up Wednesday: Sausage Loaf

So, I don’t know what y’all do on Saturdays, but around here we are all about some football these days!  We obviously love our team, but we enjoy watching all teams to be honest.  The kids know if they want to watch cartoons on a Saturday, they will just have to watch them in another room because there will be nothing but “Game Day” and ESPN on in the den!

How many know there’s just nothing quite like having some yummy appetizers on hand when football is on!?  Today I’m sharing one of my family’s most favorite and always my first “go to” when making an appetizer.  I’ve never met a person that didn’t love it!  My mom has been making it for years!  We call it “Sausage Loaf”.


You do not have to put it inside a loaf of bread.  We often just put in a baking dish and serve with chips, but that bread full of all the goodness and cutting a piece off is delicious!  Not to mention, I think it just makes a prettier presentation.  And when you scoop all the inside out, you can serve it on the side, as well as with chips.

Speaking of sausage, we started a tradition a few years ago where we have sausage balls for breakfast every game day!  My kids get up begging for them.  There’s typically not a lot of leftovers, but if there are, you can always have those as an appetizer for your family and friends, as well!  I LOVE a family tradition!  I want my kids to look back and be able to recall LOTS of them!  I know I had them growing up and I want my children to have the same.  I think they are so important!

Both recipes will be at the bottom in a PDF file so you can print if you prefer to have a hard copy.  My sausage ball recipe is just the basic one that most folks probably already know, but I will include it as well.


Y’all have the BEST day making the most of the little things like sausage balls on a Saturday!  I really think it’s those little moments that your kids will remember the most!  Hugs!

Sausage Loaf and sausage balls


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