Organizational Binders continued

If you read my post from yesterday, you know I love an organized binder!  I have several that I use on a weekly basis, and wanted to share 2 more that are pretty special too!  They are my kid’s school work binders.  You know those special handprints they have painted and come home so proud to show you.  My daughter actually brought one home yesterday.

I do the same concept I shared yesterday.  I have dividers in each child’s binder for every year and tons of the heavy duty page protectors.  Don’t waste your money on the cheaper ones.  Trust me on that.  Make sure they say heavy duty.    I will have to use several binders throughout their school career.   I’m thinking I will get 3-4 years per binder.  And no, I don’t save everything, obviously.  Handprints I definitely save and just those special little projects.  You know what I’m talking about, mommas!  I put report cards, pictures, programs, certificates, etc. within each binder as well.


Once again, I know there are ways of taking pics and putting in a collected book and minimizing.  I just tend to be “that” mom that wants the actually one they painted, colored, touched, blah blah blah.  Pretty sure I’ll cherish these forever!

I hope you have found some of these binders useful information and I hope they can help you as much as they have me.   Have the best day celebrating the little things!  I’ll see y’all tomorrow for Whip It Up Wednesday!  I’m sharing our favorite appetizer for game day and a tradition my kids beg for every Saturday in the Fall!

6 thoughts on “Organizational Binders continued

    1. Yes, I will text them to you!! haha I honestly have no idea how to upload a pic right here. It doesn’t even give me that option. lol! You know I’m still learning. If there is a way, I still gotta learn it. hahaha


  1. Love these binder ideas! Question- what size binders did you buy? Also did you print those covers or did Suzy Q designs print them for you?


    1. I believe they are the 3in binders for my kids and the 2in for the other 4 I shared yesterday. Susan made the covers from yesterday and I had the 2 of the kid’s from years ago that I made. I should probably get her to make those too! She does way better than me!! haha! I hope you love them! They have helped me so much!!


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