Organizational Binders

I know some people may cringe at the thought of all these papers, so let me first start off by saying DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!  haha!  There are paperless apps out there I know where you can take pictures and just upload, but this is just easier for me.

I have 4 binders that I am constantly using and in my opinion keeps me sane and organized.  Have you ever been flipping through a magazine and you see a picture that inspires you, whether it’s a recipe or home decor?  I love subscribing to several magazines.  My day is made when I see my Southern Living show up in my mailbox!  When I see these inspiration pictures, ideas, or recipes, I tear them out and add them to one of my binders.  I realize I can find recipes and home inspiration on Pinterest and the internet, but I may not be able to find this particular one and I would prefer a hard copy in most cases, especially when it comes to a recipe!


My binders include:  Home Inspiration, Recipes, Memory Makin’ Momma (this could be your business/job), and one for my kids.  I fill my binders with heavy duty page protectors and just put the papers in the appropriate binder.  It’s labeled, organized, easily assessable and so handy when I am wanting that recipe I saw last week, my child’s teacher’s favorite things list, or the class list for Valentine Day cards, etc.   I just grab my binder and can put my hands on it in no time.


Within each binder I have dividers to organize it a bit more and to put my hands on things even quicker.  For example, for my kid’s, I have a divider for each of them.  For my recipes, I have dividers for appetizers, main course, desserts, etc.

This has really been a game changer for me!  No more random papers just laying everywhere.  I have the perfect place for everything to go.

And if you need some cute binder labels like these, my friend at Oh Suzy Q Designs made these for me!  I usually make my own party and label tags for my gifts, but she is my go-to for all invitations and bigger paper projects.  She is fabulous and has an etsy shop if you are interested.

Hugs to you all!  See you tomorrow!

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