Football Fri-Yay


Happy Fri-Yay!!!  Yay for the weekend and lots of extra time to make some memories!!! Today I’m sharing some football inspiration since so many of us LOVE it, especially we Southerners!  I’m pretty passionate about my team and I certainly love a little themed party buffet area.

When we aren’t going to games, we tend to invite family or friends over for food and fun and I’m always a fan of making a little special spot for the kiddos.  This is just an extra old door from when we built our home and saw-horses on either side that I have draped with fabric.  We just store it in the garage and my hubby brings up as needed.  And I’m sure many of you already have a chalkboard.  Then just buy your goodies and/or make some, bring out your serving pieces, pom poms and get your party on!!


You can see I made it really easy by just buying the cupcakes from the grocery store, popping popcorn, throwing M&Ms on top and buying ice cream sandwiches.  Can’t get much easier than that!  I found small icing gel tubes in the baking aisle of the store to add the white threading of footballs on ice cream sandwiches.  So easy and took me no time at all. I had these small ice cream spoons already and can’t remember where they came from, but you could easily just use regular popsicle sticks.


Another thing I will add… if you would like to start entertaining more, invest in serving pieces!  You will probably use them more than you realize!  It’s one of my weaknesses and I’m always looking for pieces to add to my collections.  The popcorn tier and lemonade stand came from Walmart!  Yep!  I love the Better Homes & Garden line and I use them alllll the time!  And those cute plates and cups came from the dollar store.  Y’all!  Go to the dollar store!!!

I hope I have inspired you to make some football memories with your loved ones and your FRI-YAY is extra special!  Have a wonderful weekend!  See you on Monday!

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