Teacher Happies

Can we just give a big shout out to all the teachers!?  Having been an elementary teacher before having kiddos, I know the exhausting work they do.  I’m convinced it’s like being a momma.  Your brain never shuts down and there is ALWAYS something to do!  ALWAYS!  I love volunteering when I can at my kid’s schools and try really hard to do that once a week, even if it’s just 1 hour and I encourage you to do the same if you are able.  I love to be able to know what’s going on and I also love the smiles I get when they see my face, even if it’s just for a quick minute before heading to the work room.   I also try really hard to send unexpected “happies” at least once or twice a month.  It’s the least we can do, right!?  I mean, they spend more time with my child than I do Monday-Friday!!  And don’t get me started on how under paid they are!  Lawd!  My point is please love on some teachers, y’all!  They are so deserving of allllll the “happies” and support!

Since September is the month for all things apple, I thought it would be fun to send this apple yumminess as a little treat.  And yes, there’s an apple on top of the jar.  I have a slight obsession with big bows and tags and they are just covering up the apple.  Haha! My mission is to have you obsessing over them before long too!  You just wait!  I’m going to have you tying bows and slapping tags on all kinds of things!  We love sending out some “happies” around here.  This dip is amazing and super simple to make. See recipe below. I literally just threw it in my mixer and let it do all the work.  It took about 2 minutes.


Apple Dip

1 block cream cheese

1/2 cup sugar

3/4 cup brown sugar

1tsp vanilla extract

1/2 bag Heath Bar toffee chips (found in the baking aisle)

Mix everything with an electric mixer except toffee.  Gently stir in toffee chips.  SO STINKIN’ GOOD!


You can always send one of the pre-made mini caramel dips you typically find beside apples in the produce section of the grocery store if you don’t want to fool with making the dip.


We are sending ours to school on Friday with a Happy Fri-Yay tag attached.  I have added a PDF file of our tags for your conveniece.  All you need to do is print and cut!  See I told you… slap that tag on there and send it off!


See you tomorrow for my football kickoff FRI-YAY!!!

Happy FriYay Tag





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