Whip It Up Wednesday: Mom’s Strawberry Cake


So, if you are wondering why I chose Memory Makin’ Momma and if you read my first post, you know that making memories are my jam!  It is something I am very  passionate about and something that is always stirring my heart.  I am constantly trying to come up with something, even if it’s as simple as putting a silly straw in a glass of milk and throwing some whip cream and sprinkles on an Eggo waffle straight from the toaster.

I firmly believe a lot of what I strive to do is because of  “my” very own Memory Makin’ Momma.  My mom was an entertainer and was constantly making memories for us as kids.  For Christmas, it was never unusual for her to throw three big parties during the month of December, one for her co-workers, one for church friends, and then one for neighbors.  I remember tables and chairs, china, and big crowds being scattered throughout our home on a regular basis.  She would also pull out the paper plates from time to time, as well, for the Sunday night “after church” crowd.  She wrote the little notes on our lunch fold-over bags (never Ziploc because those cost more).  We baked goodies to deliver to neighbors and don’t get me started on holidays.  We decorated for everything!






Isn’t she beautiful!!?  I am so grateful for the memories she was intentional on making with me.  I thought it only fitting for my first “WHIP IT UP WEDNESDAY” to share one of my very favorite recipes of my mom’s, her strawberry cake.  Y’all, this is one of those recipes that your family will beg for you to make for years to come!  And the best news is it starts with a boxed cake mix!  It is always my birthday cake request!

Ingredients and Directions for Cake:

1 white cake mix with ingredients

1 small package frozen strawberries with sauce (*set aside 3T for icing)

1 small box of strawberry jello powder (*set aside 1T for icing)

optional: 1/2c coconut, 1/2c pecans ( I love the coconut and pecans, but not everyone is a coconut and nuts fan like me!)

Prepare cake  and bake as directions advise on box, adding other ingredients to batter.  When completely cool, ice cake.

Ingredients and Directions for Icing:

1 box powdered sugar

1 stick unsalted butter, melted

1 block of cream cheese

3T strawberries with sauce

1T strawberry jello powder

Soften cream cheese and butter and beat with mixer.  Add additional ingredients, saving strawberries.  Gently stir strawberries in at the end.  Ice cake and garnish with sliced strawberries. ENJOY!!!






16 thoughts on “Whip It Up Wednesday: Mom’s Strawberry Cake

  1. Your blog is delightful and your Mom is beautiful. My question – Is there a way to print the recipe? Maybe I’m missing the “button” The apple brownies and this cake both sound delicious.


    1. Thank you so much!! That is a great question and I haven’t even thought about that!! Let me see what I can find out. Maybe I just start putting the recipes in a PDF file at the bottom for you to click on and print rather than in the body of the blog. That’s an idea! Have a great day!


  2. I love this so much!! And I am pretty sure this is the same strawberry cake recipe my Momma uses too. AND has also been a birthday cake request MANY times for me as well. I just love you and your Momma!!!


  3. I am going to make this. It looks amazing. I can’t tell you how excited I am to read your blog. I have known i our sweetie since he was a little boy at our church. I have admired your gift of hospitality in all of his photos on Facebook. You are truly gifted.


  4. Thank you for sharing this! I’ve been searching for a great Strawberry cake and I think I found a winner!!! Trying this out this weekend.


  5. First of all…I am loving your blog!
    Secondly, I have a couple of questions about this recipe…
    What size cake pans did you use?
    How many layers did you make?


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