Table Top Tuesday

If you know me at all, you know I love a pretty table! My plan is for the first Tuesday of every month to have a fun table to inspire you to set for your family or friends.   There’s just something so special about putting a little more effort than your typical night into setting the table.  No, we do not have these all the time.  My kids are typically the ones to set the table on a weeknight, but once or twice a month is just fun!  And I may tend to throw a few more extra special tables in the mix during the holidays.

We love eating outside when it’s not ridiculously hot and since it has been slightly cooler temps around here lately, we took advantage of it!  Eating outside just adds a bit more of a special element to the evening, in my opinion, because it’s not our norm.  The kids love it and beg to eat outside all the time!


I love me some grocery store flowers!  I got most all of these you see at Trader Joe’s.  A dozen roses were $5.99.  Y’all!  $5.99!!  Crazy, huh!?  I don’t think you have to spend a lot of money to set a special table.  As I said, I used grocery store flowers, but you could even grab a pot of flowers on your porch to use.  I have done that before.  You don’t even have to use flowers at all!  A cake on a cake stand could be a centerpiece, cupcakes, balloons, a big bowl with fresh fruit, lanterns with candles.  Get creative!

You don’t need fancy plates or cloth napkins to set a pretty table either.  You can use the plates you currently have and grab some fun paper napkins and cute straws!  You would be shocked at the things I pick up at the dollar store.  I guarantee you there will be some cute napkins and they always have a 6 pack of silly straws at our local one here.  I LOVE the dollar store!!!  If you don’t go on a regular basis, I encourage you to do so, especially around the holidays.





We can do this, mommas!  Get creative and surprise your babies with a little extra special night soon!  Remember, it’s not about spending a lot of money or even making things fancy.  Use what you already have and just add a little something different to the table and you will be surprised at the squeals of excitement you may receive!

See you tomorrow for the first “Whip It Up Wednesday”!  I will be sharing a little about my own Memory Makin’ Momma and my favorite recipe of hers.  You don’t want to miss it!

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